Is JavaScript Overused?

I dabbled in JavaScript years ago, but I have not worked with it recently because it has not been relevant to any personal or professional projects that I have been working on. However, I came across a website today that discusses JavaScript and it reminded me of a couple of websites someone showed me quite a while ago that are relevant to this topic.

The website I came across today is As the name suggests, the website shows ways to avoid using JavaScript.

When I saw this website, I remembered someone showing me two other websites that illustrate the
superfluity of the use of JavaScript in building websites. 

Just a quick warning before I link the websites: The websites are a bit crass (though perhaps this is what makes them memorable). 

Here are the two websites:
If you read the websites, the author of briefly discusses some of the problems with JavaScript and jQuery and talks about how using them in your code makes life harder than it has to be. 

As someone with limited experience in JavaScript, I am not sure what my opinion on all of this is, but I found it intriguing and I hope that my readers do too.

Thanks for reading!