What I Learned at a Node.js Workshop

Tonight, I attended an introductory workshop on Node.js. I am not planning on using Node.js professionally or for personal projects anytime in the near future. This may leave you wondering why I attended this workshop.

I am of the view that a little bit of knowledge about various other technologies in the wider information technology field can give me a better perspective on the technologies that I do work with. Also, sometimes at these workshops, I accidentally learn things that are more universally applicable.

Both things happened tonight. I think the most relevant thing I learned at the workshop was that Node.js is event-driven and though I do not quite understand what that means, it has something to do with why its performance is so good. I am now wondering how languages and stacks that I program in compare to Node.js. I am also wondering how efficiency of data structures and algorithms and Big O runtimes play into all of this.

As far as learning things that are universally applicable, I heard an acronym I was unfamiliar with tonight: REPL. I looked it up online and it stands for Read-Eval-Print Loop. To the best of my understanding, a REPL is a shell. Shells exist for other programming languages besides Node.js so this is a more universally applicable tidbit of tech knowledge. When I heard it at the workshop, I first searched for "reppel" in Google because I did not even realize it was an acronym. I feel a bit smarter after learning this and I am excited for the next workshop!