Struggling to Write "Hello World"

Tonight, I started a Treehouse course on Android development and the first step was to set up a basic "Hello World" app. I think many people that consider themselves developers would consider this a fairly simple task especially considering the fact that I had the aid of the Treehouse videos.

However, even the simplest of tasks can have challenges. Android Studio kept "indexing" for quite some time and I could not run the app. Luckily, I was able to search the web for a solution.

My search led me to a post someone wrote about having a similar issue. The responses implied that the original poster may not have had enough RAM on their computer.

I worried that maybe something had happened to my computer and it was having performance issues, but it did not seem very likely so I researched some more.

I found a post about this on Stack Overflow. The top voted response said to select a menu option in Android Studio to invalidate the cache and restart. I tried it and it worked! (In case you are also learning Android development and run into a similar issue, this is the link to the Stack Overflow post:

Alas, I have successfully created a "Hello World" application in Android. I am once again reminded that "restart" seems to be a universal troubleshooting solution throughout the information technology field.

Thanks for reading!