Thoughts on a Lunch & Learn at Sparkbox

Happy New Year! Today, I went to Dayton to attend a Lunch & Learn at Sparkbox. When I got invited to this Lunch & Learn, I was excited because I thought it would be a unique opportunity to hear the perspectives of people in tech in another city. Dayton is unique in that it is far away enough from Cincinnati that the tech communities are separate, but close enough that it is feasible to attend an event there without needing to stay overnight.

One question that I asked was about terminology. Terms like "front-end," "back-end," and "full-stack" are used in different ways by different people. I asked for some clarity on these terms and how this all fits together from a broader perspective. For example, how often would a product's web app and its mobile apps share the same "back-end?"

The responses I got included some specific examples of what is typically considered "front-end" and "back-end" in certain stacks and what those terms mean at Sparkbox, but my key takeaway from the responses was that I should clarify what those terms mean to a team that I am interviewing with. Also, a helpful tip that I got was not to phrase the question in a way that makes it sound as if I do not know what the terms mean, but instead to ask about what languages the team uses on the various parts of the stack. From the answer, I can deduce what the terms mean to them.

Someone shared an opinion that I think is very true for many people who struggle with impostor syndrome: A lot of impostor syndrome is not knowing vernacular.

It was an interesting adventure up to Dayton and I look forward to more adventures in the future!