I'm a Software Engineer - What Does That Mean?

In recent months, I made the decision to pursue a career in software engineering. I had pondered other computing career paths before coming to this decision and decided that I liked writing code.

I wanted to prepare myself for this career and so I started asking people what kind of project I should do to learn "everything" I needed to know.

The answers I got is that no such project exists. Software engineering/programmer is a vague term and there are many different kinds of developers and specialties.

I started talking to people to try to figure out how many types of developers there are and what they are and this is the list I have compiled so far:

1) Internet programmer
2) Application programmer: I think Mobile Apps are a subset of this.
3) Game Coder
4) Operating System programming
5) Embedded Systems (like in home appliances)

I'm sure there is much more. I guess saying you're a programmer doesn't really tell people too much except that you're a cool kid (in my opinion at least).