Data Privacy Rights

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Bernard Marr is an Influencer on LinkedIn whom I follow and he wrote the below article about the possibility of something modeled after the Magna Carta that is designed to protect our data privacy rights being made law in the near future. I have included a link to the article here:

Bernard Marr asks us for our thoughts on this. Some people probably find this issue to be a bit political (rights of companies providing services vs individual rights) and since this is a blog dedicated to promoting careers in technology and sharing new things I learn, I was hesitant as to whether or not I should even blog about this post since I am not trying to engage in political debates.

However, no profession or really anything in this world can purely exist in a vacuum. This could be considered a political issue, but it is also a highly relevant technical one regardless of which side of the fence you fall on and therefore, I will share my views and my thoughts on it.

I do believe that we are in need of a Magna Carta style document to protect our data privacy rights. In this technical age, our ability to be a contributing member of society is dependent on us making use of the Internet. I do not think using a computer automatically entitles the companies that make the software and programs to use to collect our data.

However, I do not believe that this has to be anti-business. We could structure laws that require companies to be more straightforward and direct in privacy agreements and limit the number of sudden changes they make in a year to trick us into giving up our data. Certain types of data could be limited from being sold such as personally identifiable information like birthdays, addresses, and social security numbers.

Perhaps we could allow them to collect some data, but have the right to have our record permanently removed from their system should be terminate use of a service. An example of this would be deleting a Facebook profile or a Gmail account.

I'm not sure what the perfect solution is for this problem and what I have listed may be far from it. I do believe that we do need more protections to prevent our personal information from being collected inappropriately.

Thank you for reading!