Trials and Tribulations of My Ruby on Rails Installation

I recently began a course on Coursera on Web Application Architectures. The course is going to require me to use Ruby on Rails which meant I needed to install it on my machine. The course instructor warned the class that installing Ruby on Rails was no simple task and it has not been easy thus far.

I was lucky to find an amazing YouTube video series by this user that explains how to install Ruby on Rails on a Windows machine. It goes step-by-step so that you can follow along and almost literally just type what he types and download what he downloads. Even with his awesome instructions, I still have had some trouble. I had forgotten my MySQL root password so I had to do a web search on how to reset it. I found instructions, but struggled to get the correct path to the files where the password change would be done.

The problem turned out to be that I was using the path that I got from copying and pasting the path that appeared in Windows Explorer when I went to the location I was trying to get to. However, I found the actual path when I went to Control Panel, then Administrative Tools, then Services, and finally right-clicked on MySQL and clicked on Properties.

My MySQL woes were far from over. Now that I had the correct paths, I followed the instructions I found online and ran the command, but the command prompt told me that the defaults option was deprecated. It told me I had to use something else. Luckily, I replaced the defaults option with what it told me to use instead and my password situation was solved.

Unfortunately, that was not the end of my struggles. I ran into trouble again when I tried to follow the video's instructions on installing Ruby gems. I got a message that included the words "certificate verify failed." I looked it up online and think I found some instructions on how to deal with this.

It is important to note that my troubles with MySQL are not actually directly an issue with Ruby on Rails, but because Ruby on Rails does not come wrapped up nicely in a quickly installable package, these are the issues I have run into as I try to get it up and running.

Thanks for reading!