My Awesome Lightning Talk on Recursion

Hello all! I gave a lightning talk  on recursion last week for Women Who Code and it went very well. (I actually started writing out a really long post explaining the talk in detail, but decided to write something shorter and link to the slides, which can be found here.

The presentation went pretty well. The audience appreciated how much detail I went into with my explanation and examples and one audience member even told me I was funny.

Although I'm primarily a Java person, I have taken a Python class. When I was preparing the presentation, I posted in the Cincinnati Women Who Code Slack channel and asked if anyone had a language preference for the presentation. Since we seem to have more Python people than Java people in our organization, I wrote my code for the presentation in Python so I could cater to my audience's needs.

Because I did my presentation using Python, an audience member suggested I apply to be a presenter at PyOhio. (PyOhio is a free Python conference!) I applied and I'm looking forward to hearing back from them. If I'm lucky enough to get accepted, look out for a post about that experience.