MOOC Progress Update: "Java for Android"

I am in the middle of the third module of the "Java for Android" MOOC on Coursera and I just wanted to update my readers on some of the new things that I have learned in the second and third modules of this course:
  1.  Android N will be moving away from the JDK and moving towards OpenJDK.
  2. I learned about the 3 kinds of files in an Android project:
    1. Gradle Files
    2. Source Code Files 
    3. Resource Files: Learning about resource files was especially interesting because I associate the name "resource" with something like a "README" file, but in the context of Android, this includes user interface layout files, images included in the app, and XML files containing values that are used by the app. 
  3. I learned that I will be dealing with log files. This was a bit unexpected since I associate log files with system administration.